One Year of the Postmodern Child

… and nearly two years of parenting … and I am still trying to figure out how to be a less lackadaisical mother.

After two nights of really really disrupted sleep (it took Owen 90 minutes to get to sleep after many tears and lots of song and persuasion), and a week of weird behaviour (tears, arm-holding, sadness)… I finally took him to the doctor this morning. I kind of hate that it takes me being inconvenienced before I finally take him.

We had a great doctor at the early bird walk-in clinic (where we had to wait only 1/2 hour!) who gave Owen a toy dinosaur and told him he’d swallowed a cow (making odd mooing sounds when he opened his mouth)… Anyway, he discovered what I suspected/feared… Owen not only has a little pneumonia in his right lung, but also has a little ear infection in his left ear… so that would account for a lot of his odd behaviour this week and the disrupted sleep.

It makes me kind of sad, though, that I’m still not in tune enough with my child to know that he needs to see a doctor. I was prepared to hear that something was up, but also prepared to hear the doctor say “He’s almost two. It’s a phase.” It’s tricky, too, when he’s mostly happy and chatty, to realize that he’s sick. He coughed a lot two nights ago, and then hardly at all last night. And then I wonder… did they give me antibiotics to get rid of me? Because even the doctor said we might as well so he doesn’t get sicker and you’ll have to come back in three days. Meaning he’s not that sick now?

In any case, I’m very glad my boy will be better soon, and I’m pretty proud that I’ve been writing this blog for exactly one year!