A Good Day

Owen and I had fun today. I skipped yoga because the weather was so nice and took him on a run in the stroller. I felt slow and cumbersome, but I like the stroller because it makes it look like that’s what’s making me so slow and cumbersome – it legitimizes my ineptitude. Anyway, I had my music spliced so that Owen could listen on his earphones too – we got some kiddie earphones that are sound-protected so it won’t hurt little ears. He loves to “dance” so he bopped away. And I gave him a book so he’d be extra occupied. I could look down through the stroller window and comment on the book – kind of a lot going on, but at least I got some exercise in without the whole rigamarole of going to the Y.

On the way home, after several requests to “wa? wa? Owie wa?” I let Owen out so he could walk. He trotted along on the grass through the campus and we examined apple blossoms and lots and lots of flofleurs (dandelions).

When we got home, I showered and then took Owen down to the market where we bought some lunch to eat outside. I asked Owen if he thought food tasted better outside and he said no, but I beg to differ. We stopped at the second-hand bookstore and picked up 3 books for 25ยข each.

Home again, we went in the backyard and read those books under an umbrella… and then… Owen napped. And I napped. For 1.5 hours. Glorious.

Then Duncan took Owen to the grocery store and I read outside (and propped up some perennials).

And after supper, Owen, Duncan and I went for a long walk down by the water and back to the campus again, where we let Owen roam free and kick his fish ball around.

It was glorious.