A Sample Conversation

“Happy Mama?”

“Yes, Owen, very happy. Thank you for asking.”

“Happy Nunny?”

“I don’t know. Do you think the bunny is happy?”

“Unh Huh! Happy. Mmmmmah. Happy Baby Cheechos?”

“No! If you take the baby’s Cheerios, he will be sad”

[Side note: Owen walked up to an unattended stroller in the park Sunday and proceeded to take some Cheerios off the snack tray.]

“Waahhh! [mock crying] Baby sa?”

“Yes, the baby will be hungry and sad because he will have no more Cheerios.”

“Uh oh. No mo’ cheechos”

“Should you take the baby’s cheerios?”

“No, no, no, no, no.”

“Right. You wait until we get home and you eat your own Cheerios.”

“Yellow Cheechos? Num Num?”

[Yellow Cheerios are the ones in the yellow box, unlike the alternative, Multigrain Cheerios.]

“That’s right.”

“Happy, Mama?”

“Yes, sweetie. I am very happy when you’re around.”

“Happy Cheechos?”

[And on…]

*** I am putting this here (A) to record the cuteness of Owen’s speech right now and (B) so I can hopefully stop narrating our conversations to every adult I meet (I am sure they don’t care, cute as he is to me). How easy it is to become THAT PARENT, who won’t shut up about her child. I am totally THAT PARENT. Oh well.