Sneaky Jack

The latest exploit of Sneaky Jack:

“He is so bad. He draws on pictures that are already drewn!”

We have to look out for him in the evenings, when we come home.

“Oh oh. Sneaky Jack is hiding in the shadows. We have to get into the house quick!”

Sneaky Jack sleeps at the Magic Circus Fair, we are told. Only he and Owen have beds there. He is even making appearances in our little oral storytelling sessions.

“Can you tell me the story about how Sneaky Jack stole all the presents of the children at Christmas?”

Sneaky Jack is sometimes a lot like our son:

“Do you know why Sneaky Jack is so bad? He picks his nose and eats it and doesn’t even say he’s sorry!”

When we point out that a certain someone we know sneaks into corners to perform similar activities, we are met with a look of innocence.

“But I always say I’m sorry.”


One comment on “Sneaky Jack

  1. Love this! Owen is so creative and articulate! We have a “sneaky cow” in our house who steals things, makes mysterious noises, and hides in the dark staircase. We love imagining what this stealth/ninja cow looks like…

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