The Magic Circus Fair, Revisited

I’ve written about the Magic Circus Fair before. It used to be that this place was accessed through a wall in the bathroom of the daycare. Now, Owen tells me, the magic circus fair is entered through a hole you dig in the ground. I’ll try to tell you about the Magic Circus Fair as Owen does.

“You dig a hole and then you find a man to let you in to the Magic Circus Fair. And then he gives you a coin and you give it back to him and that is how you get inside. And at the Magic Circus Fair, they have air bounces, and roller coasters, and bumper cars, and even benches for sitting on and having a conversation! And they have stores where you can buy things like vehicles. The vehicles cost one dollar and everything else costs two dollars. Everything costs only one coin. And you can buy bicycles, and you can buy lots of food at restaurants. And it’s really big and you can walk around. And the benches have backs on them.”

He keeps asking us if we can go there. The other day, he said it was in Vaudreuil, which is not very far away. We’d take him if the place existed. It seems like a child’s paradise (well, our child’s paradise). I love that you are given the coin that you must pay for admission. I love that there are benches (with backs) for having conversations. Owen is known at his daycare for sitting down with his teachers and having long chats.

Today, he told me, he was sitting with a friend who missed his Mummy. Owen said he sat with him because his friend felt sad, but that he also felt sad. Owen wanted to play Fire Racer, but his friend was too sad. He stayed to keep him company, anyway.

There have been some social adjustments to changing classes at daycare recently. Owen’s two best friends (he actually called them a triangle of friends today) were placed in a different class. A couple of times, he’s come home saying that they won’t play with him because they’re in a different class, so, he said, “I walked around feeling lonely.”

Another of Owen’s good friends, a girl, is also in the different class. He’s made some new friends, but you can tell that he’s still finding his way a bit.

Lately, a lot of his games at daycare seem to involve playing superhero or rescuer. He tells the teachers that if there’s anyone in trouble, he will help. I wonder whether on some level this is an attempt to avoid making new friends, or to prevent himself from being rejected. I am probably reading too much into this, but I remember being separated from friends when I was in elementary school. The schoolyard is a desolate place if you don’t have a friend (a safe friend).

He’s resilient, and even his speeches about “walking around feeling lonely” seem only mock-sad. Still, I am glad that Owen has his Magic Circus Fair to create magic in surroundings where, at least for now, he is no longer certain of his place.

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