I am so behind on this blog right now. Avid readers (and I know there are some of you!) I am so sorry. I don’t have any proper excuses other than I’ve gotten out of the habit of posting, and so it has loomed like a chore. And, of course, when I wasn’t writing, I also wasn’t paying attention to things in my life to write about… which is kind of sad. I need to make writing here part of my routine, and I will try to get back here, and stop trolling pinterest. Though I did recover my dining room chairs…

Love is a subject we talk about a lot in our house. Today at daycare, Owen reportedly said to his teacher, “B____, do you have a lot of love in your heart? I do.”

When we’re in the car, Owen declares that his love fills up the whole car. “Isn’t there a lot of love in this car?”

At night, after our little ritual (bath, teeth, books, story-of-his-day, two songs*), he’s taken to calling out sweet nothings after I’ve left his room to go downstairs.

“I love you all around space!”

“Don’t let the bed bugs bite!”

“Or any other bugs bite!”**

“Have a nice night!”

“See you in the morning!”

Some nights, though, if he’s really tired, he’s taken to saying, “All that stuff I told you last night!” At daycare, too, he uses shorthand, “all that stuff I said. I still love you that much.”

Another day, recently, he had his back to me. He put his arms in a circle and threw the circle back to me: “There you go. I threw a hug back to you!”

SO: Taking inspiration from my child, I will try to keep communicating (through this blog), even if my posts occasionally resort to shorthand, OK?

xo Anna

* The two songs are “A boat, a boat” and another one “The Miller’s Fair Daughter” (both of which I learned at the Gaiety School of Acting in Dublin in 1996 and neither of which appears if I search the lyrics on google!)

** Those bites that I wrote about in May? Remember them? Well, he still has clusters of them. We’ve tried calamine lotion, antibiotics (oral and topical), hydrocortisone, tea tree oil, and oral antihistamines. The latter was making a difference for a while, but a stubborn patch is still itchy and red. Bug bites are the one reason I am excited for the first frost.

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