Cooler than a Moustache

We’re back from a wonderful trip to Nova Scotia. Someone was pretty jazzed to go on vacation.

20130726_174334We found dinosaurs by the side of the highway.

20130728_114953For the most part, Owen rocked the car ride.

20130728_122821We drove and we drove and we drove and we drove, and finally arrived at the beautiful 1870s cottage of Maureen and Derek.

20130729_175121 20130729_175900 20130729_175941DSCF1572 Why is Maureen on crutches, you may wonder. Well, while showing us the sights, she broke her leg, and STILL managed to be a wonderful host. Thanks so much, Maureen and Derek!

Here are some more highlights of Cape Breton:

 DSCF1540DSCF1547 DSCF1550



DSCF1580 DSCF152320130730_145523



20130731_101947       20130731_101237  20130731_102412

Next, we drove to Halifax, where Owen caught up with Grandmum and Granddad,  learned to ride a scooter, and became a pirate.

20130803_161259 20130804_105458

Then we went WHALE WATCHING! Last time was less successful, as you may recall… This time was brilliant! We went with our friends Tim and Kirsty, and we saw 10 or more whales.

Duncan was pretty excited by this game, which we found in our rented apartment.

We also got to take a long walk through the woods to visit the balancing rock on Long Island:

Then Duncan and I escaped, and went wine tasting and walking along the dykes near Wolfville.

DSCF1703DSCF1696DSCF1699DSCF1744DSCF1742On the second day Owen had his scooter, Kirsty and I took him to a skater park so he could practice. He was completely at ease with the grown men and teenagers. He was even flirting with their girlfriends. “Aren’t I cool?” he said. “Aren’t I cooler than a moustache?” So that became our favourite expression ever.

I have to say, our trip was cooler than a moustache.

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