The Magic Circus Fair

This is all Owen:

“Mummy, did you know that there is a magic circus fair at my daycare? You get there through the wall door between the sink and the potty. It’s a secret door and no one can go through it without a leader. I’m the leader, and when we go through, we are going to go to the magic circus fair to have adventures. Isn’t it good that I am the leader? We’re going to go through the wall door next to the potty. No one has been there before.”

I love this story about the magic circus fair. I love its name, and I love that you get there through a “wall door” (I suspect that it’s a plumbing panel, but I haven’t investigated). We just finished reading The Wizard of Oz and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and are part way into Peter Pan (though the length of the chapters in the latter is kind of killing me), and I wonder whether that is where he’s getting the idea that there are alternate worlds to visit.

When I was young, my mother would take us on picnics to “the Enchanted Forest” (really a plantation of trees – possibly overgrown Christmas trees?), and on one of our picnics she told a story about a land we could access from the Enchanted forest. According to this story, you went in through a secret door in a tree. This door led to an underground land which, if I remember right, had candy covered trees. I don’t remember anything else about the story other than it was wonderful, and it made a fairly pedestrian picnic magical.

I hope Owen can find friends to join him on his excursion to the Magic Circus Fair, and that they have lots of adventures there.

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