Sometimes I wonder how a toddler is able to take in all that he does. You can almost see Owen learning, processing, and storing information. It’s not surprising that some of it gets jumbled.

For example:

“Daddy, daddy! I made two towers that I want you to see!”


“No, TWO! Two big towers!”

“How big?”



“Mummy, look!”

“What did you make?”

“I made a quesclamation mark!”

I want to use the term “quesclamation mark” every day. Of course, I used it in class today in front of a scared bunch of first year students (many of them ESL), and I think they thought it was a real category of punctuation that they should know and didn’t. Instead of a laugh I got a lot of panic-stricken faces. Oh well, they wouldn’t have remembered when to include the punctuation at the end of a quotation anyway. But you all know, right? When there’s a quesclamation mark!?

How’s life?

It’s great?!

How are you?

I’m fine!?

It’s such a handy form of punctuation. I need more quesclamation marks in my life?!


A couple of Owen’s mixed signals lately have had me wondering if he has some kind of synesthesia. I think it’s just brain overflow from too much information. The other day he was talking about how a certain song was “green.” I think it was a song about a little black bull coming down the meadow. I don’t know if Owen knows what a meadow is – maybe? Another song was “black.” He was trying to explain to me why it was black (because it goes ‘bah bah baba bah” – the beat of the song?). Anyway, I quizzed him on other songs and he had no answers. Then he said my face was black, too (which it wasn’t), so I decided he was just tired.

Have a TEN DOLLARS great day!? Do.

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