Potty Progress?

Context: Last night, Owen  refused to go potty before supper and then purposefully peed in his diaper (to save time?).

After supper, Owen’s strawberry and pineapple have a little conversation, while waiting to be dipped in chocolate:

Owen (as Pineapple): “Do you want to have supper now?”

Owen (as Strawberry): “Yes, but I have to go potty first.”

Owen (as Pineapple): “Oh, good idea.”

Owen (as Narrator): “Now he go to the potty.” He examines a drip of chocolate coming off the strawberry. “That’s his penis.” He moves the strawberry over to the round cupholder of his high chair. “Pee-pee in the potty, pee-pee in the potty.” And the strawberry returns to the bowl with the pineapple.

Owen (as Strawberry, to Pineapple): “OK, time for supper now. Are you so proud of me?”

I think this was a small act of contrition for his earlier mystifying potty rebellion.

He continues to wear diapers.

2 comments on “Potty Progress?

  1. Apparently my brother Stephen would hold his pee till the diaper was put on for naps or the night… The solution was to stop using dipaers entirely. If he’s aware enough to pee deliberately in the diaper, he might not need one!!

  2. That’s so funny Alice. I think he’s almost there. I need a longer period of time, so I’m not sending him to daycare diaperless and untrained. Today we would have had a success had we not been at the park. If we’d had a potty there and not a bush, we’d have had a winner.

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