The House with Money Inside

We are sort of house hunting. We’ve looked at something like 6 houses so far in 2012, so I guess that means we’re serious, but Duncan and I are having trouble agreeing on what it is we want and what it is we can afford.

Owen is quite keen about these house explorations, ever since he saw a train table in the basement of a potential property last summer and kept asking when we were going to go back to the “train house.” “I like that house, Mummy.”

Ever since we started looking, we’ve been asking him what kind of house he thinks we should get, and his answer has been fairly consistent.

“You get a yellow house with money inside.”

Now, Duncan and I both like the colour yellow (it’s nice on houses), and we could certainly use a house with money inside. When we ended up not buying the property in Hudson with the mysterious underpinnings last fall, I kept thinking (half seriously) to myself – but what if there’s money inside? What if he’s right? That house wasn’t yellow, though, so I guess it was OK to let it go.

Anyway, the first house we visited last night was yellow. I thought it was white based on the pictures, so I’d told Owen we were visiting a white house and then a blue house. I asked him if they had money inside. He said that no, only the yellow house had money inside. So when the house turned out to be yellow, you can imagine my excitement. The house was absolutely darling, but upon consideration quite a bit too small for us. The couple who lived there had done all kinds of very adult renovations, such as an open-concept bedroom upstairs and a staircase with the railing removed and only candles and Buddha figurines to keep one from going over the edge. Owen did not like the absence of railings.

“Oh, no. They need to put railings on! It dangerous!” He’s been telling me it was dangerous ever since. “But it do have money inside,” he concluded.

The blue house, complete with railings on the staircase, met with Owen’s approval.

“I like this house, Mummy. It have railings. The yellow house no have railings. It dangerous. The blue house also have money inside.”

Upon reflection, he concluded that he liked the blue one better. We agree with him, but I am not sure I want to move off the island.

I know I am relying too much on my toddler’s nonsensical ramblings, but I can’t help thinking, how much money is inside, Owen, and where do I find this money?