The Kayak Dance, and Other Absurdities

We forgot the camera cable at home, so pictures will have to wait till we get back, but in the mean time, I will try to illustrate with words the excitement that this trip has inspired in Owen. He can barely get the words out, sometimes, he’s so full-to-the-brim with new experiences and excitement.

Yesterday, Duncan, Duncan’s dad, and I went out to Musquodoboit Harbour to use the kayaks. Owen stayed behind with a delighted Grandmum, who fed and napped and generally coddled the boy. He even got to swim in an inflated “mimming pool.” Owen didn’t seem at all worried to see us go, but I think he was happy to see us when we returned, because (fresh from a nap), he was HYPER! He started running in place, yelling “Kayak! Kayak!” and then insisted that Duncan and I join him in this frenetic activity. There we all were, yelling “Kayak!” and stomping our feet in what must have looked (to any eavesdropping neighbours) like some bizarre mating ritual. Then Owen started asking who had used which kayak (not sure why this mattered, but it did), and proceeded to repeat (over and over): “Daddy yeyyow kayak. Kayak!” (frenetic dance); “Mummy ‘ed kayak. Kayak!” (frenetic dance). And then he would joke that each of us had used the opposite kayak, delighted and our vehement denials.

Owen has also been very free and easy with the hugs these days, which invariably come accompanied by a loud “Aaaahhh!” He’s a heavy child, so I’m never keen to carry him, though he asks so temptingly (“Cawwy – me – pease – Mummy”) – when I give in, he usually starts hugging me and saying “aaahhh!” into my ear, so I endure the 33 pounds of him and the stitch in my hip for a couple of minutes. The other day, at the Mahone Bay Pirate Festival, Duncan carried Owen down the street, drawing all kinds of attention as they alternately squeezed each other, exclaiming as they did: “Aaaaahhhh!”

Owen didn’t understand much about pirates, but he enjoyed the juggling and balloon-sword making and general festive atmosphere. We tried to teach him to say “Arrr” but it came out sounding like “Awww” and so he is unlikely to frighten anyone until he can learn to pronounce his Rs.

So that’s what we’re up to. The fog has rolled in today, so we’re heading inland to a farm museum, to commune with cows and whatnot.

3 comments on “The Kayak Dance, and Other Absurdities

  1. Shawna on said:

    Jameson, too is a heavy guy and when he wants me to carry him he says “Carry you Mummy, carry you please”! It always makes me laugh because I picture him carrying me around (and I am more than just a bit heavy!).

  2. Shawna, that’s a great image. Owen kind of mixes it all up, but I like the idea of Jameson toting his mum around.

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