What is it with September?

I am having a little birthday/holiday burnout, and I’m not even half done. In my life, the fall is relatively free of birthdays (there are a couple in there, but nothing overwhelming), then Christmas comes, then my birthday (that’s nice), and then, ever-increasing, come a slew: my parents, most of my friends… and then comes June. I think I’m being unreasonably stressed about it (as I am about most things)… I could handle my brothers’ birthdays. My mother took care of that. I was OK for Duncan’s… but then 3 days later was Father’s Day. Are you serious? My mother asked me yesterday what I did for Duncan for Father’s Day. Um. Nothing? I bought him tickets to Joel Plaskett, but that concert is in August. I was going to make breakfast, but we were at a bakery on Saturday so I bought some croissants instead. What did I do for Duncan on Father’s day? I wrote a sappy blog entry while he was out running with Owen. Then I had a nap while Duncan took Owen for a walk. I said “Happy Father’s Day!” (That was pretty nice of me). I taught Owen to say “Happy to you, Daddy!”

Anyway, tomorrow is Owen’s birthday, and that’s exciting, but we still have 1/3 of a cake left over from Duncan’s birthday last week, so guess who’s getting stale cake for his second birthday? I’ll use a new candle. (OK OK, we’re throwing  a party for him on the weekend. I’ll make fresh cake for our guests). Then Wednesday is my lovely sister’s birthday. She lives in Germany. Oh, Erin! I have nothing for you. Not even a card. Shall I hide behind the postal strike? Because I might have sent something. I am the queen of belated birthday greetings. And then a wee pause (a week) before my sister-in-law’s birthday. And then another week or so and it’s our anniversary… and if I am already partied out, what stamina will I have for fĂȘting another event?

I just told Duncan we might need to have a time-out in September. Just in case. I don’t think I can handle another birthday in this time frame. I get it – the weather is cool, the leaves are pretty, it’s all romantic… but people have to stop.