From Our Minister of Happiness…

Duncan is disheartened with the state of our current government (frankly, so am I — but I am more resigned). Anyway, he’s taken to dreaming of an Alternation – a space of ideals hearkening back to a Canada that was (or that was at least envisioned): multicultural, artistic, environmentally aware, literate, idealistic, etc. I’m not sure such a place is not just a classic utopia (with all the inherent problems of such a good-place/no-place), but I do like that he believes that we can all be better if we can envision the nation we want rather than the one we have. In Duncan’s imagined nation, Owen is (of course) the Minister of Happiness. His minute-to-minute inquiries after his parents’ happiness actually creates the stuff out of nothing. It’s hard to be sad when your (almost two-year-old!) boy asks you “happy Mama?” – it’s pretty rare that I answer no.

One reason I am happy today is that Owen’s eardrum has healed. PHEW! He didn’t even cry when the doctor looked in his ear, and the doctor didn’t seem so insensitive now that he was offering me good news instead of bad. Perspective changes everything, of course.

Yesterday was Duncan’s birthday (in a month of many, many important birthdays: Adam, Luke, Duncan, Owen, Erin, Liz… did I forget any?), and we’ve been getting Owen to practice singing happy birthday. Perhaps because he’s the minister of happiness, though, Owen sings not about happy birthdays, but general happiness. “Happy to You! Happy to You!” he says. Witness:

And very, very soon it will be time to sing happiness to Owen. I can’t wait.