Baa baa baa baa

Owen loves animal sounds now more than the names of the animals, so while he can say “ship” (sheep) and “cah” (cow) and “dah” (dog), prefers to say “baa baa,” “moooo” and (his favourite) “ouf ouf ouf ouf.” He starts barking out of the blue all the time, not because he thinks he’s a dog (I think) but in response to hearing some dog he hears down the street. We skyped with Owen’s grandparents in Halifax recently and he started barking and pointing at the screen, remembering that every time we skype, he gets to see their two dogs, Jock and Angus.

In the past couple of days, Owen has started “singing” his first song, in response to his love of animal sounds. He sings “Baa baa black sheep” but with just one crucial word: baa. It’s not perfect, but it’s creditable, and if you know what he’s doing, you can hear him go through the approximate notes. Baa baa baa baa baba baa…

I know! Such a prodigy!

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