Good Night, Sleep Tight…

You know the rest, right?

Don’t let the bedbugs bite!


So it seems we picked up bedbugs on our way home from Nova Scotia. We stayed at a fairly flea-baggy motel (with one of the more spectacular views ever). It seemed clean. It may have been clean. You can apparently pick up bedbugs in 5-star hotels and movie seats. But the day after we got back Owen woke up with 3-4 bites on his face. And then the next day there were some on his leg. And then none the next day. And they might have been mosquito bites. But there were too many and they kept showing up in the morning. Three more on his back, in a triangular pattern. One nasty one under his hair. One behind his ear. And another one. And some more on his face. Duncan and I were trying to deny it because it was so gross (and if you google images as we did you will regret it: be warned). It was mosquito-ey out. Anyway, at some point last week we had to admit that we had a problem. We had the whole upstairs fumigated yesterday morning, and this morning, Owen woke up bite-free. I still can’t quite believe that this happened (is happening?). I mean, it makes my skin crawl to think about it, but in the end, we may have had one bug. But that bug might have lived for 300 days. And if it was a male, that would have been the end of it, but if a female, it might have laid 5 eggs a day. And I don’t even want my brain to go there.

I put Owen to bed in his crib every night with the knowledge that he might have his blood sucked by a nocturnal vampire-like bloodsucker. I did not feel good about this but we didn’t really have any other place to put him. We tried to get him to sleep in our room but our one experiment failed. Plus maybe it was nocturnal mosquitoes. Right? He has been much harder to get to bed lately, and I’ve been a lot more patient because, who knows? Maybe the bugs woke him up? Poor guy.

So we spent a small fortune on one bug (or two) plus all the potential bugs we didn’t want in our house. And we have a year warranty on our bedbug-less state. Because if you haven’t heard, like Vampire fiction, bedbugs are an epidemic – the fact that we are travelling more makes the bugs hitch rides to new and exciting mattresses. To suck new and exciting blood.

I just hope that this is the end of the story.

3 comments on “Good Night, Sleep Tight…

  1. ACK. Poor you guys. I had a run in with bedbugs in Cuba one time. I kept waking up with bites on my wrists and ankles, however Jeffrey never got any bites. Thank goodness I never actually saw them… yes, that was the ‘resort’ we slept with the lights ON in the bathroom to ward off unwanted creatures we thought would come out in the night… I always joke and say “It was like camping!” Glad they are no more, hope you never see them again!

  2. Lauryn Klavon on said:

    It’s really interesting how bed bugs have made a comeback. When you’re a kid, your parents would always say “don’t let the bed bugs bite” but we never knew what they were. Now we do. Ewwwww…….

  3. Liz Cowie on said:

    ugh.., come to NYC, the home of bedbugs… If I see one more ad on the subway about them, it will be too soon. They get into everything, you have to toss your furniture, clothes, pretty much everything when they take over your home. I hope that was the end of them for the little guy!

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