Whirling Dervish of Home Organization

I’ve spent the week cleaning, sorting, getting rid of, boxing, trashing, sweating, drooping, reviving. I don’t know why I got this bee in my bonnet, but I think it might have something to do with the guilt of having Owen in daycare full time while I have no real work in the summer, so I had to create a job in order to feel like my days were meaningful.

This morning as I backed out of the driveway at 8:30 to take Owen to daycare, my neighbour and her mother were on the front porch. And in my head they were judging me for taking him to daycare and then coming home. They don’t know how busy I am going to be today! I thought to myself. I am not just going to sit around and watch tv or update my blog. OK – they don’t know about the blog, but anyway.

This week, I organized the bathroom drawers, my underwear drawer, my wrapping supplies, the winter scarves. I ironed napkins. I hung pictures, dusted shelves, vaccuumed and mopped under the couch. I threw away expired cold medication, vitamins, and a pregnancy test (no one wants to risk that emotional roller coaster… you’re pregnant – oops, no – the test expired in July 2010 – OR – You’re not pregnant and you go drink half a bottle of wine – except you are because the test expired in July 2010).


I have spent so much time justifying to people why daycare is so awesome – and it is – when I’m working. But right now, I am kind of craving a daycare vacation. Fortunately, in a little over a week, we’ll be off to Nova Scotia and free of schedules and at least that kind of guilt. Does anyone feel guilty about leaving their child with his grandparents? Surely not!

What I have done this week is the nesting that was supposed to happen in the third trimester of my pregnancy. A nesting phase that I tried to force. Well, here it is – in response to daycare, not impending childbirth. It got so bad that earlier this week I was cleaning up Owen’s play area while he was still playing. I think I took his train out of his hand to tidy it up.

Duncan is afraid he will end up in a box in the basement, tidied away.

I’ve finished the house and am now itching to go get Owen, but he’s still napping. Soon I will kiss those scrumptious cheeks (after I’ve scrubbed them and rearranged his hair).

4 comments on “Whirling Dervish of Home Organization

  1. Dawn on said:

    ummm… you ironed napkins?!

  2. Michael on said:

    Next time you go all domestic, try this stuff. You’ll never buy anything else again – and it is perfectly safe for baby.


    Now, go vacation, leave the sprog with the grand-rents and hit the beach with hubby!

  3. Audrey on said:

    Oh Anna!!! I so get you! I crave those days, but instead I pulled Camille out of daycare for a bit over a month and I am trying to do stuff with the kids at home, which is just insane!!!! I look forward to a couple of days where I drop her off and finish some of my projects, which have been on my project list for well over a year!!! Do not feel guilty, relish the straightening out of chaos and the therapeutic benefits of organizing, and then relax and enjoy while Owen is at home!!!
    Have fun In Nova Scotia and pencil me in for August!

  4. meoneil on said:

    I laughed out loud. Did you make a list first and cross off the jobs. That gives great satisfaction!

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